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GV Snowshoes

Active Aerolite Alligator

Active Aerolite Alligator

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GV Active Aerolite Alligator Aluminum Snowshoes

The Active Aerolite Alligator is designed for the advanced recreational user who wants a very lightweight yet durable snowshoe with high performance features to take on any challenge. Snowshoes geometry offers great flotation in all circumstances.

The Alligator Harness is designed to let you fully enjoy your sport, with quick and easy adjustments. The semi-rigid Energy Saver Soft pivot bar reduces snow projection behind the legs while the back of the snowshoe maintains contact with the ground.

Dimensions in./cm / User weight – Off trail lb/kg
8 x 24 / 20 x 61            60-140 / 27-63
8 x 27 / 20 x 69            60-150 / 27-68
9 x 29 / 23 / 74             80-170 / 36-77

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