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The GV Mountain Extreme Alligator dominates ice and snow! Go further, go higher! Thanks to its improved geometry, benefit from a high-performance and lightweight snowshoe. The Mountain Extreme line offers all the traction and sturdiness you are looking for. Take on the most difficult conditions, the bumpiest terrains and the steepest hills.

Alligator Harness: The new Alligator harness is designed to let you fully enjoy your sport, with quick and easy adjustments.

Alligator Harness

8" x 25" (20 x 61 cm.) 60-140 lbs off trail 60-220 lbs on trail

8" x 30" (20 x 76 cm.) 80-170 lbs off trail 80-250 lbs on trail


Exclusive high-flexibility aluminum frame: Flexible rigidity - it's the paradox of performance traction! GV Snowshoes has combined an exclusive high-flexibility alloy to a frame geometry that provide rigidity and memory of form. The resulting balance of forces works for you by ensuring that the traction surface is always optimal no matter how uneven the terrain.

Crampons to help face any situation: Side crampons located under the foot area improves stability and traction during lateral climbs. The frame's flared profile also provides additional stability by maximizing grip and comfort of movement. With a pivoting front gripping crampon and two 5-point crosspieces, traction and stability are ensued when tackling uneven ground or icy surfaces.

Ingenious frame design to prevent snow build-up: The flared frame design prevents the build-up of snow underneath the snowshoe. With each step, regardless of conditions, the snow "unmoulds" from the frame by simple force of gravity. Also, the slanted sides limit frame-to-frame friction as you move. The snowshoes elevated and streamlined rear profile , as well as the angled rear crosspiece, reduce drag and minimize effort. It's an ingenius design that doesn't affect flotation or traction in any way.

Comfort frame geometry: The flattened front of the frame was designed to maximize comfort during steep climbs or while working in a crouched position. The flattened front allows the shin to rest directly on the decking, without painful impacts from the frame.


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