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GV Huron Wood Snowshoe
GV Huron Wood Snowshoe
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The Huron snowshoe is the best-known snowshoe whose origins can be traced back to the Huron people of Canada. It is used mostly for hunting, trapping, and long hikes in open forests and fields. It was the model preferred by the first French settlers that came to New France in 1604, and by coureurs des bois and trappers during their winter travels. Very quiet and easy to maneuver, its design provides great flotation in soft snow and its streamlined tail helps maintain a straight trajectory.
  • Frame made from Appalachian White Ash and webbing from rawhide
  • High-quality varnish to keep rawhide and frame in good condition
  • Sold in pairs
  • Bindings sold separately
Code Dimensions in./cm Snowshoe weight lb/kg User weight – Off trail lb/kg
14        10” x 33”           50-100 lb. / 23-45 KG
14SY        10” x 33”           50-100 lb. / 23-45 KG
15        11” x 36”           80-120 lb. / 36-54 KG
15SY        11” x 36”           80-120 lb. / 36-54 KG
11        12” x 42”           100-160 lb. / 45-73 KG
11SY        12” x 42”           100-160 lb. / 45-73 KG
10        14” x 48”           175 lb. + / 79 KG
10SY        14” x 48”           175 lb. + / 79 KG

Note: It is recommended to apply varnish once a year at the end of the season to prevent the wood frame and raw hide to absorb moisture and water. That will extend the life of your natural snowshoe. We recommend using a wood boat varnish.

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